October 26, 2023

Exceptions Jump Start

10am - 3:30pm ET / 9am - 2:30pm CT

Virtual Session

Depending on the day, ACH exceptions can be very boring, very time consuming or very frustrating. Some days you may experience the exception trifecta of all three! Join us for this full-day virtual session to analyze those issues and build your confidence as an exception guru. This session is recommended for:

  • Someone new in your operations area
  • Someone in need of an “exceptions” refresher
  • Frontline personnel that are the face of your organization
  • Internal compliance staff to help them better understand the back-office area


AAP/APRP credits 5.6


Location: Virtual Session



Member Price: $300


Virtual Sessions/Workshops (unless otherwise indicated), Boot Camps, Accreditation Workshops such as AAP, APRP, and NCP, and half/full day events are NOT included in Platinum Training Club benefits.


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