Membership Benefits

Are you on staff of a financial institution, software vendor, payment processor, CPA Firm, law office or other corporation that is in the payments industry? PaymentsFirst should be your electronic payments resource for ACH, check, card, wire and emerging payments.

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Mission Statement
To serve our members as a trusted partner supporting the secure use, advancement and understanding of payment systems

Risk and Compliance
PaymentsFirst promotes growth and secure use of electronic payments through providing resources and support to identify and control risk and ensure rule and regulatory compliance for the benefit of the payments network.

PaymentsFirst provides education support to foster compliance, advancement and understanding of electronic payments for the benefit of industry participants and the payments network

Join PaymentsFirst to receive the following Member Benefits:

  • Unlimited Support via The Payments Hotline – (866) 993-3753
    • ACH, check, card, wire and emerging payments
  • Annual Complimentary Copy of Current NACHA Operating Rules (Rules Change Supplements provided throughout the year)
  • Access to Complimentary “Introduction to ACH” On-Demand Webcast
  • Access to Members Only Website Resources at (see included sample)
  • “Member Only” Complimentary hot topic webinars throughout year ($900 value)
  • 50% savings on Publications, Education, Compliance and Consulting Services
  • 50% savings on AAP Certification Training
  • 50% savings on APRP Certification Training
  • 50% savings on NCP Certification Training
  • 50% savings on Annual Conference Registration
  • Networking opportunities with peers at regional Town Hall meetings
  • Opportunity to nominate staff member for the PaymentsFirst scholarship to NACHA’s Payments Institute
  • Access to Complimentary Legal Consulting and Legal Discounts
  • Quarterly Newsletter 
  • ACH Volume Report (delivered monthly)
  • National Operational Alerts
  • Industry Memos and News
  • Turn-key Marketing Materials
  • Voice in the NACHA Rule Making Process
  • Industry information at your fingertips and available to your entire staff
  • Guidance on hot topics in the Payments industry

Platinum Membership


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